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Why is it that IoT devices are increasingly becoming popular ?

The answer lies in the fact that they make use of radio frequency ID (RFID) technology. By doing so, they can exchange information about their operational status with users. This is important as it helps consumers to be able to identify the various components of an in-development device. For instance, when there is a “drone” or “micro-drone” being developed and launched by a tech company, they will likely have programmed their device to communicate with a popular internet of things (IoT) hub through a cellular network.


When the device is eventually released to the general public, consumers will be able to identify it through a series of sensors. Typically, this will be done by the device emitting a signal that “pings” when any of its sensors detect the presence of a person or something else. In the past, the user has to physically locate the sensor and hopefully get the desired information. But as long as a smart phone has access to a WiFi network and the internet connection, all that’s needed is a captured image of whatever it is that the device is trying to determine.

Wireless Networking and IoT Devices

The concept of wireless networking is nothing new. WiFi is one example of such a technology. But IoT devices are taking advantage of what we already know about traditional wireless networking. Specifically, they are leveraging the ability to use WiMax networking in metropolitan cities which have expanded beyond the range of Wi-Fi. As a result, there is now widespread access to WiMax networks in these cities where previously there were none.

This is a form of smart phones, laptops and other devices that utilize a standard form of networking known as Bluetooth. Sim cards were used for quite a while with portable laptop computers but their popularity has declined considerably in recent years.

Why is this?

Because they are very expensive to acquire and oftentimes can’t be installed into the mother board of most devices.

They’re also very restrictive in terms of what applications can be used on them. Bluetooth is a family of protocols that work on low power consumption and proximity to one another. This makes it ideal for devices in low traffic areas, such as offices. It also provides support for wireless high-speed data transfer. Thus, there are specific protocols in place for use with certain devices.

If an individual wants to use Bluetooth without the use of a networking device, then there are options available. For instance, a computer might be set up with a Bluetooth adapter. Then, there would be a short-range radio transmitter to connect to the device and another short-range radio transmitter to connect to the local network. This allows the computer to search for a compatible transmitter and communicate with it.

However, this isn’t something that would be recommended for businesses or homes. Short range networks (the farthest location possible from the user’s location) are typically going to be very crowded. For example, a person could be trying to send an email to their smartphone to one point and their smartphone to another point a few miles away. If the signal is weak or the other party didn’t reboot their device, then the email won’t get sent.

Final Words

That’s why it’s so important to think about the security measures involved with using this type of technology. It’s also important to consider whether or not the individual will be able to establish a connection between multiple devices (and even if they can, how well they’ll be able to communicate with each other). If so, then this type of network is ideal.

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