• Network : THREE
  • UK only
  • 90 days minimum contractual commitment
  • NO Lengthy contract
  • £0.00 Spend cap control activation on request
  • Portal Access to view usage

*Any changes & Cancellation 30 day notice required after minimum commitment period One off new sim card charges apply



A “Big Data” 100GB DATA 5G- UK SIM card generally refers to a SIM card that offers a large amount of data allowance for internet usage. While the specific data limits can vary depending on the mobile network operator and the country, a “Big Data” SIM card typically provides significantly more data than standard consumer plans.

  1. “Big Data” 100GB DATA 5G- UK SIM cards often offer several hundred gigabytes or even terabytes of data allowance, providing ample data for high-data usage activities such as streaming, downloading large files, or online gaming.
  2. “Big Data” SIM 100GB DATA 5G- UK card provides reliable coverage in the areas where you need to use it. Check their coverage map or inquire about coverage in specific locations.
  3. Speed and Connectivity of Big data sim card is tunnelled through the network technology available with the SIM card, such as 4G or 5G connectivity. Higher-speed networks will allow for faster data transfers and a smoother internet experience.

When looking for a “Big Data” SIM card, it’s recommended to research your current usage on monthly basis. This will help you find the SIM card that best suits your data requirements, network coverage needs, and budget.