5G/4G Data Connectivity Sims

IoT Data connectivity:

We believe one size doesn’t fit all. Knowing the IoT industry, every request is unique and our dedicated team looks forward to pushing the boundaries to achieve what hasn’t been so far achieved by others with combining 2 or 3 technologies or blend of technologies.

We can offer:

  • Embedded sims on OEM & ODM level
  • eSim solution management Platform & connectivity
  • Industrial Automation sim
  • Driverless car connectivity
  • Remote monitoring CCTV connectivity
  • Robotic Technology
  • Machine learning
  • Oil & Gas exploration monitoring
  • Wind mill Energy Generation calculators

If you have a project with automation requirement please feel free to contact us via email:info@youreic.com give us a call: 02085182329

5G Cellular Broadband:

If you have moved to a new office/building with no immediate internet or if you require the internet for remote sites, we have a solution!

Again thinking outside the box, we can offer cellular 5G high speed bonded solution along with hardware on:

  • 30 days rolling rental agreement.
  • You can use it till you need it, No Jargon No Commitment

Office Backup BroadBand:

Imagine a day without the internet in the office? We have an office backup cellular high speed bonded internet solution. You can pay minimal to keep sim active as a monthly subscription. We will only charge you when you use the data: NO USE NO PAY.

5G Multiple Remote sites Connectivity:

We can offer cellular High speed bonded broadband solution to your remote construction/railway sites on very competitive monthly rates. You can commit for a fixed amount of data each month or you can rent on an Adhoc basis when you need it. We will only charge for internet if and when you use with NO long term commitments.


“Mitigate your data loss, pay only for what you use!”

All high data usage M2M Sims are offered, on 30 days rolling contract “NO USE NO PAY” Only Pay for what you use. * Disclaimer. There will be minimal charge to keep sims active each month.