Remote Monitoring & Remote Data Backup of Security Cameras

Safety camera Back up:

Premier Mobile Solutions t/a Euro International communications are Specialists in analysing the data usage for safety camera and to suggest the best possible prices with a combination of backup multi-network data solution to avoid any down time at any time. Ideally used by local councils, highway agencies and public sector security and safety division.

3G/4G enabled Safety Cameras Backup is the latest advance in remote wireless surveillance technology.

As the name indicates, this is a security solution allows you to have monitoring and backups of your security feeds with a 3G/4G cell network, it can be used in locations where traditional Wired or Wireless (WiFi) Internet connection cannot be used. This is the ideal solution for security camera back and monitoring in trains, buses, cabs, road safety cameras and other non stationary or locations where traditional Internet is not available and can be monitored and stored anywhere in the world.

Our on board 3G / 4G communication solution for ships can greatly reduce your connectivity expenses

This technology is without doubt absolutely remarkable and ideal for any surveillance application such as construction sites, mine sites, farms and properties, Oyster leases, Boating Marinas, Building sites, Roads, Councils, National Parks & Wildlife, Govt agencies, Power Grids and Water authorities, Industrial Sites, Wildlife Monitoring, Graffiti, Bush dumping and unattended machinery etc. In fact the list is endless.

Our 4G Security Camera Backup solution is ideal for use in locations where wiring of an Ethernet or WI-FI based security solution is either too expensive or not possible at all. You can monitor and create data backup of these cameras from anywhere in the world. Just add our data sims to your security cameras and install them in a location where 4G connection is present and you are set to go.

4G/LTE cellular IP camera backup systems are most often used when there is no option for a point-to-point wireless system or a hardwired broadband connection.

If you have cell phone service at your project location, you will most likely be able to use 4G/LTE cellular communications to access your video system.