Wireless Plug & Play CCTV


Ideal for Outdoor CCTV recording where conventional data connection is not possible

Micro Power Solar Camera with PV Panel.

Usage:  Remote Construction sites, Farm sites, Out Door Security, Temporary Festival Streamings, Out door coverage

Features: CCTV plug and Play

  1. 24/7,365-days work continuously for shooting, detection and storage
  2. Effective Pixels: 4MP,resolution:2560*1440
  3. Contection: full band 4G SIM card
  4. Power supply: 5W solar panel
  5. Compressed format:D267
  6. Focal length:6mm fixed lens(option:2.8mm/3.6mm/8mm/12mm)
  7. Detection format:AI motion detection
  8. Photografic distance:0-20M
  9. Two-way audio, APP remote control
  10. Night vision: Black light full color night vision
  11. shooting angle:75°
  12. IP rating: IP67
  13. Horizontal:360°& Vertical:180°
  14. Batteray: 18650 battery 6*3000mAh=18000mAh