A smile flickering in a crowd. A midnight journey home. A splinter of light through the curtains. Stories are made in a moment.

Introducing Kodak’s professional-quality, photography-first smartphone.



A smile flickering in a crowd. A midnight journey home. A splinter of light through the curtains. Stories are made in a moment.Introducing Kodak’s professional-quality, photography-first smartphone.

Made your way

For over a century, Kodak has made tools to help anyone create.
KODAK EKTRA combines timeless Kodak simplicity with the freedom to capture, shape and share every moment.A unique hybrid of photography innovation and DSLR functionality, KODAK EKTRA puts in-the-moment creative control at your fingertips.


A tactile camera experience

Intuitive Touchscreen DSLR Dial (with haptic touch)Customisable Manual Mode (with Adjustable Shutter Speed and ISO rating)Horizontal Two Step Shutter ReleaseExtensive Scene Mode Selection

A Classic is born. Again.

True character is carried in the detail. Every line, every contour, every mark means something.
Steel-rimmed lens. Textured finish. Premium materials. KODAK EKTRA looks and feels like a camera with character. Because it is.From its classic Kodak styling and intuitive design, to the choice of heritage leather accessories, let your smartphone say something about who you are.

Always. Be. Ready.

21MP main camera with Kodak non-reflective lens coating. Aperture f2.0.Optical Image Stabilization and Auto Focus.13MP front-facing camera.Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) & HDR Imaging.4K Video Capture.

The Inside Story

Leading Helio X-20 Decacore Processor3000 mAh battery3GB RAM32GB Memory, expandable with MicroSD cards5″ Full HD IPS display (441 ppi). (1920 x 1080 resolution)Corning Gorilla Glass Screen & Lens protection

Push what’s possible

When it comes to creativity, pressing a button is just the beginning. Putting a professional curated studio of powerful applications in your pocket, KODAK EKTRA lets you make more of every image.
Edit photos anywhere with Snapseed™. Delve deeper and explore each picture’s potential with histogram and image tuning. With KODAK EKTRA, your Kodak moments look and feel better than ever.

Be Moved

“Motion, it moves you. It can take you places you’ve been before, places you’ve never been, places you’ve always wanted to go. It’s magic.”–
Shoot in 4K video. Experiment with classic Kodak film grains, vignettes and Super 8 filters. Experience the Kodak clarity, precision and detail that the world’s leading filmmakers and photographers have always trusted.

Keep it Alive

Every image is a unique moment. Every story, different. Online in real-time. Passed from hand to hand. Preserved forever in perfect print – you decide how to share your KODAK MOMENTS.


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