Near Shore on Shore 4G/5G Connectivity over satellite

5G sim cloud router can provide both Satellite (WAN) and 4G/5G connectivity with automatic failover to ensure the most efficient, maximum routing at the least cost. The Router includes functions such as a firewall, a DHCP server and WIFI connections for mobile devices. The Router can be fully configured via a built-in, easy to use web interface.

It is ideal for situations where connectivity is essential but cost management as well. It can always be set to use 4G/5G mobile network access if available. Automatic failover to satellite link when the 4G/5G network is unavailable may be configured; as soon as the 4G/5G connection is back online, it will then be used automatically again. A vice versa setup is also possible.

The sim cloud router is a complete package with the following features:

  1. 4G / 5G high powered industrial WIFI Router
  2. Power range: DC 5-35V. Power supply (110 – 240V)
  3. UTP Cable
  4. External 5G mini Antenna (indoor use only)
  5. External 5G Antenna (Outdoor use only)
  6. 10M antenna cable to connect the outdoor Antenna
  7. EU to US power plug changer

How GateWay network blending works

The ability of GateWay to deliver high bandwidth Internet connectivity is made possible by our patented and patent-pending network blending technologies.

We blend 4G, 5G, LTE cellular connections from multiple carriers and additional transmission paths, such as satellite and other wireless networks, to create a virtual network. Our algorithms dynamically and intelligently manage the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections to choose the optimal path to route IP packets to their destination.

The result is increased reliability from network diversity and higher bandwidth that enables faster, bi-directional data transfer.

The benefits of GateWay


    Field reporters can complete stories in the field without having to return to the station, enabling them to cover more stories and create more content.


    We’ve designed the GateWay solution to be easy to install, connect to external antennas, and configure. It’s also easy to operate in the field.


    Dejero’s technology dynamically routes packets over multiple connections, inherently providing a level of security. Establishing a VPN connection adds an extra layer of protection.


    There are times when cellular network coverage varies. With carrier diversity, GateWay provides a more reliable Internet connection in more locations than solutions relying on a single carrier.


    By blending multiple network connections, the virtual GateWay network provides increased bandwidth that enables fast, bi-directional data transfer.


    Manage your fleet of GateWay routers from a web browser. Troubleshoot without having to return vehicles to the station, saving valuable time and keeping crews productive in the field.