What Exactly is an M2M SIM Card?

Everyone is aware of a standard SIM (subscriber identity module) card that is a small plastic chip that is housed inside of their cell phone that allows them to connect to cellular networks. M2M SIM cards work on the same principle and cellular networks but with added benefits.

Durable SIM

M2M SIM cards are more durable than standard ones and can survive for longer periods in harsher environments.

Remote Management

These modern SIMs can be activated and controlled remotely using an IoT management platform.

Affordable M2M SIM Data Plans

M2M connected through IoT projects make the data plans very much affordable.

Fixed IPs

Another important benefit of the best M2M SIMs is that they can have fixed IPs making them more secure to access.

M2M SIM Types

M2M data SIMs for business come in different form factors, according to their usage.

1FF (Full-size) M2M SIMs are the size of a business card but they are already becoming obsolete because of their size.

2FF (mini-SIM) these M2M SIM cards are used in cars and other smart devices owing to their small size.

3FF (micro-SIM) are small in size, smaller than 2FF, and are used in tablets and GPS devices.

4FF (nano-SIM) 40% smaller than micro M2M SIM, these are used in smaller IoT devices. But they are the most durable.

MFF2 (embedded SIM) is the smallest M2M SIMs available and are physically embedded in all sorts of IoT devices. These are also known as eSIM solutions.

M2M SIM Roaming

A huge benefit of having M2M SIMs inside IoT devices is that they can roam on different cellular networks, to keep them always online.

Steered SIMs only remain connected to a specific network, even when a stronger alternative is available, however, they will connect to another network when their dedicated network is completely out of range.

Non-steered SIMs are built for constant connection. They will seek out the strongest network in the surroundings and remain online. They are most useful for healthcare devices where a constant online connection is necessary.

How M2M SIMs Function

Standard IoT SIMs work most as a standard SIM. They keep IoT devices connected and easy to manage.

Industrial IoT SIMs are built to survive high temperatures, vibrations, and other extreme conditions.

Automotive IoT SIMs can survive inside motor vehicles of all types and survive motion, weather, heat, and other factors.

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