M2M (Machine to Machine), IoT (Internet of Things), or Pervasive Internet are turning today’s Cities into Smart Cities. The need is increasing, thus, opening new doors for innovative businesses. The IoT (Internet of Things) is a revolution in IT infrastructure. It connects devices, referred as things in the term Internet of Things, to relay data back to other devices (Machine to Machine), cloud based applications. This data is then used by respective decision makers and for other purposes.

There are number of Market Sectors benefiting from IoT Solutions such as: Healthcare, renewable energy, transportation, agriculture, smart Design Cities and etc.

Adoption Challenge

In order to adopt IoT within an organisations is quite challenging for businesses as this gets very complex. The challenge is where to start and what is the procedure. Firstly, what is ultimate objective to achieve. Secondly, there are number of connectivity options is available, from traditional fixed line services, cellular, satellite, Bluetooth and Zigbee, through to market challenging LPWAN (Low Powered WAN) technology such as LoRaWAN. Thirdly, what device to use for these network.

IoT (The Internet of Things):

We works with a number of local & global partners to deliver advanced Internet of Things solutions including LPWAN (Low Powered WAN), Satellite, Sensors and analytics.

In addition to network design and deployment,sensors and dashboards, we offer our own Gateway Site Survey and Installation service too.

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