Euro International Communication offers 3G/4G mobile data SIMs for 3G/4G Broadband, M2M applications and IoT ( Internet of Things). Various Business friendly tariffs for low data applications, as well as High data use applications.

There are number reasons why a business would use 3G or 4G Mobile Broadband with instead of a fixed line internet Connection?

  • When a requires a connection for certain devices such as CCTV to secure a project site for a limited period of time or there is requirement for a temporary office and fixed line contract term is too long. For instances, Construction, project based offices, etc.
  • When there is requirement of a back-up, in case the fixed line broadband connection fails and the business needs access to the internet in order to operate.
  • Where a business does not operate on fixed location, such as mobile shop, ambulances, services vehicles, services events or there is need for internet service to be mobile to for use in laptops, tablets, etc.
  • In case there is urgency and a business requires rapid deployment of internet services. For example, fixed line installation has been delayed and internet connect is required for the gap.
  • Where fixed line installation in either impossible, for any reason, or very expensive.

3G & 4G SIMs come with the following

  • Fixed Public, Fixed Private or Dynamic IP Address
  • Various tariffs or pricing plans according to requirements 1MB to 1TB (or more if Required)
  • Access to Online portal to keep tract of your usage
  • MultiNet SIMs available too
  • Flexible Terms

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