LoRawan Smoke Detector Solution with LoRawan Gateway

We are proud to offer full Red care monitored fire Risk automation with LoRawan smoke detector for Public and welfare Buildings. This fully automated system comes with advanced features of automated calls and alerts to building caretakers and Fire Brigade at the same time in case of a fire incident.

We can provide the full circle fire automation solution, including the portal application or hardware to integrate with customer enterprise servers.

Try before you buy, we can offer a free consultation as well as a free demo trial of our LoRawan Fire Risk automation solution.

F8936-L Series LoRa Router

  • With 2.5G/3G/4G +LoRa Dual Wireless Link
  • Powerful Network Switching Capability
  • Ultra-High Receiver Sensitivity, Reaching a Staggering -148 dBm
  • Industrial-Grade High-Speed 3G 4G Module
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Coverage. High Data Throughput
  • Supports APN/VPDN private networks
  • Suitable For Various Kinds of Non-Human On-Site Industrial Applications. Offering 24/7 Stability
  • Controllable Bandwidth Resource Allocation
  • Remote Equipment Configuration
  • Communication Distance >11.5 KM
  • F3836 FDD-LTE Industrial 4G Router

LoRa Smoke Detector

  • Easy-installation: Wireless communication, built-in battery, no wiring required,
  • Easy maintenance: The smoke detector has low power consumption, and can keep working more than 2 years; real-time monitoring, with anti-disassembly, low electric quantity, fault and over-temperature alarm.
  • Security: The national fire mandatory product certification, with standard, safe and reliable.
  • Convenience: The internet operation and management mode, users can monitor the fire incident through mobile APP.


The wireless smoke detector of the LoRaWAN platform consists of a wireless smoke alarm and monitor system. It can solve the disadvantages of the traditional device which cannot be connected to network and wiring trouble.

It also consists of some unique features, such as independent installation and wireless deployment, separate power supply, wireless network communication, working stability, no need debug, etc. Now it has been widely used for many fields to fire safety monitoring and automatic alar, such as hotels, shops, houses, internet bars, KTV, coffee houses, etc.


  • Sensing Unit: Real-time environmental monitoring. When detected smoke, it will report alarm messages.
  • Collection Unit: Real-time gets the sensing unit status.
  • Communication Unit: Provide message transmission channels.
  • Platform: Module design, easy deployment, smooth operation, real-time data, viewing, warning management, data analysis, device positioning, mobile application, and other function.