What Is An IoT SIM Card?

Unlike a standard SIM card, IoT SIM cards can only perform data transfer functions. They are not able to carry voice data. They are utilized in all types of IoT devices because they have more memory and are built with more durable materials. They can withstand various environmental factors like heat, weather, vibrations, etc.

Global IoT SIM Card Flexibility

IoT SIM cards, from the right service provider or reseller, can offer global IoT connectivity for modern-day devices.

IoT Data Plans Scalability

IoT data plans can be very scalable, according to a business’s needs.

Device Management

IoT SIMs offer simple and reliable device management globally.

Affordable Pricing

IoT eSIMs come with a pay-as-you-go package as well, you can keep the prices in check.

IoT SIM For Global IoT Connectivity

Euro International Communication (EIC) utilizes the best modern technology to provide IoT SIMs. You can connect to LTE/4G/3G/2G cellular networks with IoT data plans. Our plans include 40GB, 100GB, 250GB, and 500GB data bundles. With us, you never have to worry about negotiating with individual carriers or change the hardware to keep your IoT devices connected globally. We have already made the best deals for our customers that provide convenience and affordability.

Global IoT SIM Cards

Gone are the days when you had to work with different carriers and pay them individually for global IoT connectivity. With Euro International Communication you get seamless connectivity anywhere in the world. Your IoT device will search for the strongest available connection and remain online thanks to the IoT SIM card from EIC.

Applications For IoT SIMs

Whether yo`u are looking for industrial SIM cards or automobile SIM cards, IoT SIMs from EIC is the answer.

We provide both of these embedded or other form factor IoT SIMs to clients in the UK and EU. We also deal in standard IoT SIMs that work with dedicated cellular networks, for clients that do not require global connectivity.

Our industrial IoT SIMs are durable and can last years in environments that are unfavorable. Vibrations, heat, corrosion, movement, etc, are all factors that these SIMs can survive through.

For our automobile clients, we deliver SIMs that can withstand all the elements that a vehicle is exposed to.

On top of this, we also offer flexible data bundles so your IoT devices can remain online without any type of downtime or inconvenience.

Get Started With IoT SIM Cards

Contact us immediately with your requirements and one of your staff members will help you get the right IoT SIM card/s that can fulfill `your needs.