GPS Tracker Insoles for Alzheimer’s /Dementia / Autism Patients

“Wandering” is often a safety concern for people living with Alzheimer’s / Dementia / Autism, as well as their carers and loved ones. Though ‘walking about’ is not necessarily a bad thing – often crucial for the patient’s health – it can pose some dangers too as some patients become lost and disorientated, putting them at risk of harm. Usually, the response to these dangers takes the form of locked doors and additional medication. This can severely damage the quality of a patient’s life and destroy the caregiver’s peace of mind. The GPS Smart sole is a GPS tracker for shoes that fits comfortably and discreetly in the shoes of your loved ones, warning their caregivers and family about any ‘dangerous’ movements that might require attention.

These GPS trackers for shoes have been tested in medical trials by the National Health Service ( NHS ) and the Alzheimer’s Society UK, showing positive results. According to the Alzheimer’s Society: “Results suggest that GPS devices can be a useful tool when introduced at a stage when the person with dementia can consent and maximise the benefits to their independence.”

It’s key features are:

  • Accurate Location Updates on Mobile/PCM
  • Receive Alerts When They Leave an Area
  • More Independence: Stay Living at Home
  • Unobtrusive, Water-Resistant & Easy to Fit
  • Get Updates via Text Message & Email
  • Peace of Mind for Less Than £1 Per Day
  • Likely to be Worn, Not Left in the House
  • Works Anywhere in Europe at No Extra Cost
  • Free Tracking App (iOS & Android)
  • Free UK Next Day Delivery
  • Easy to Follow Instructional Videos
  • How Does it Work?

    The GPS SmartSole uses a tracking app and ‘Geozone’ technology to mark out safe areas on integrated Google maps (for example, home/garden, street or village). As soon as your loved one wanders outside of these safe zones, you will be notified via text or email. Please note that the minimum radius of a safe-zone is 100m. The tracking app gives you the location of your loved one, so it may be easy to find them should they accidentally lose their way. The soles cannot be deactivated, and they are motion-activated, which means usage is efficient, especially when the individual is resting or still.

    Conversely, this GPS for shoes can also be used to alert you when your loved one may be close to an area of danger (for example, a lake, busy road or railway line). This smart monitoring allows your loved ones the freedom to walk about or wander with dramatically reduced levels of danger. This not only enhances your peace of mind but also of family and caregivers, as the app can be accessed by any number of people, keeping a trusted network of people in the loop about your loved one’s movements.

    The soles require charging, though this is relatively simple: align the target on the GPS Insoles with the white sticker on the back, with the target on the charging pad. The light will go solid blue when charging. Depending on usage, the battery lasts from 24-72 hours and is fully charged within 2 hours. Don’t worry; you will receive warnings when the battery is running low.

    Is it expensive?

    The GPS SmartSole is a brilliant and affordable solution to a serious safety concern. If your loved ones live with Alzheimer’s / Dementia / Autism, this simple, comfortable and efficient tracker can offer maximum independence to them, while maintaining their safety…and your peace of mind.

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