Global Private WIFI

Global data at your fingertips

1 x Device with 198 Global Network around the globe.

Worldwide Data, Mission Critical with Low Latency

With the rapid growth of the Internet of Things, more traditional machines and devices have network requirements. However, there are many limitations when they are connecting with traditional data lines or plug-in networks. Now we can offer an eSim based technology with worldwide global roaming.

The eSim based technology enables you to use the data worldwide with a fixed fee on a daily basis or a bigger bundle with a more advanced Router and built-in Lithium battery on a monthly basis.

  • No Hold Back Global Roaming with Fixed Monthly fee
  • No more high Bills
  • No more of changing sims Jargon in different countries

The CPE industrial router consist of intelligent modules with eSim Technology will enable the terminal devices to have global access and solves traffic-related problems.

This Device is ideal for corporate user, broadcasters to connect their broadcasting devices always, The routers becomes MiFi for transmitting solid stable wifi signals for Broadcast devices to connect

The hardware is less than 0.25 Grams It is light weight and cost effective to mitigate broadcasters unnecessary capital outlay while roaming from one country to another either by changing sim cards and re configuring devices or paying premium prices on roaming sim

Our industrial router is equipped with eSim technology and connects automatically to the local network in the host country with transmitting and transforming ability in to a strong stable Mifi device

In addition, we have our own SaaS platform for partners and customers. The network status, traffic usage, location tracking and other related information of all devices can be queried in real-time.

Worldwide data connectivity worldwide at your fingertips. The device includes the power bank, VPN solution, and additional Sim slots. The device offers a WiFi hotspot where users can buy data directly via the touchscreen. Corporate data packages are available for organizations to use mobile data as efficiently as possible. Just Share one large pool of global mobile data between your employees.

Hardware Rental with Global Data prices

Industrial Router with eSim technology for global data wifi£399/- a Month
Global Data Bundle low latency local multiple network
Global Data 30 GB monthly
£600/- a Month
Global Data Bundle low latency local multiple network
Global Data 50 GB monthly
£900/-a Month

Special Prices Available for 3-6 & 12 Months Rental
Prices subject to Vat and security deposits