5G FIXED I.P MULTI-NETWORK SIM ( Vodafone, EE, Three) – 40 GB


  • Description:
  • Network : Multi network sim Vodafone, EE, Three
  • UK only
  • Fixed IP/ static IP
  • Multiple networks on single sim
  • Ideal for mission critical operations
  • 90 days minimum contractual commitment
  • NO Lengthy contract
  • £0.00 Spend cap control activation on request
  • Portal Access to view usage

*Any changes & Cancellation 30 day notice required after minimum commitment period One off new sim card charges apply


5G multinetwork fixed IP SIM is a specialized SIM card that allows devices to connect to multiple networks while maintaining a consistent and static IP address

  1. 5G Multinetwork fixed I.P SIM enables devices to seamlessly switch between different cellular networks, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity even in areas with weak coverage or network outages.
  2. The advantages of a multinetwork fixed IP SIM, are increased reliability, wider coverage, and improved network redundancy. Customers can experience uninterrupted connectivity and minimize downtime, especially for critical applications and IoT deployments.
  3. Never have to worry about Bad signals or low latency, Fixed IP address enables remote access, hosting services, setting up VPNs, or running servers, making it easier for businesses to manage their networks and applications.
  4. Multiple network compatibility ensure that the multinetwork fixed IP SIM is compatible with a wide range of networks, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and potentially 5Gwhere its available. This versatility allows devices to connect to the most suitable network available in a given location, maximizing coverage and performance.
  5. We Offer flexible plans with minimum 3 months commitment additional discounts available if you choose us for preferred supplier for Mobile, voice & data including Voip solution.
  6. Ensure seamless switching, the 5G multinetwork fixed I.P SIM ,seamlessly switches between networks without disruption.
  7. The intelligent network selection algorithms and technologies employed to ensure smooth transitions and reliable connectivity.
  8. we offer 4 hour service level agreement for all our clients for customer support related queries , excluding any technical glitch however we endeavours to resolve any technical issue as fast as humanly possible for maintaining customer satisfaction.