The UK mobile networks provide dynamic,  private IP address assignments to 3G/4G devices which in most cases are perfectly adequate for home and general business use. Your 3G Mobile Broadband internet connection is routed through a NAT firewall in your providers data centre, which adds security but also restricts the ability to connect to your Mobile Broadband device from the Internet.

Your provider will not be able to cater for any port forwarding requirements you may have, so an end-to-end connection to your device will not be possible even if your device is a 3G/4G router. This limitation also prevents site-to-site cellular connections from being established for VPN applications.

IoT (The Internet of Things):
We work with a number of global partners to deliver advanced Internet of Things solutions including LPWAN (Low Powered WAN), Satellite, Sensors and analytics Nationwide and also globally with World Global roaming Iot sim cards

We can supply fixed IP SIM cards with public IP address assignments, where your application requires it.


What is a Fixed IP SIM?

A fixed IP SIM card is a data SIM with fixed or static IP address. A Fixed IP SIM’s IP address can be used to locate the SIM in order to initiate communication from an external device or to identify the SIM as being valid for authentication purposes to a firewall or restricted service. Uses for a fixed or static IP SIM include remote management, monitoring and control, M2M (Machine to Machine) or for remote access to a corporate network.

Our 4G Fixed IP SIM Cards are ideal for use in an M2M 4G Router that will provide you with a reliable, high speed mobile broadband connection with a Fixed, PUBLIC IP address so you can easily connect to your 4G router from anywhere and using standard router features like Port Forwarding you can connect to your devices on the LAN such as CCTV IP camera’s and DVR’s as well as upload new content to your Digital Signage / Remote Media installation or quick and simple remote management and monitoring for your Wind / Solar Energy installation.


Some of the sectors where M2M sim cards are used:

  • Retail sector Epos
  • In store wifi facility for customers
  • Remote monitoring Plant & Equipment
  • Remote software enabling
  • Remote Diagnosis
  • Ships and Vessel Camera backup
  • Road safety camera
  • Epos failure
  • Fixed IP data sims
  • Dynamic I.P sims
  • In train wireless broadband
  • Train station camera back up
  • Tour buses in-house broadband facility for their customers
  • Private APN I.P for remote monitoring for plant and Machinery
  • CCTV back up
  • Road Safety camera back up
  • Smart technology
  • Smart street lights
  • Smart solar lights
  • Automation of Plant and machinery
  • Heavy Plant and Machinery excavator, digger, caterpillar, JCB, Volvo and all others.

Premier Mobile Solutions GB Ltd. t/a Euro International Communications has extended its business with mobile operator to now offer Fixed IP SIMs for 3G & 4G data.

We can provide both Public & private SIMs for any remote or mobile connectivity in the UK

  • CCTV

  •  Transport

  • Digital Signage

  • Retail EPOS failover

  • Energy

  • Healthcare

  • Construction

  • M2M

Our Fixed IP SIMs are available on 12 & 24 contract, and we can provide a suitable router if required.

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