One size Doesn’t fit all!!!

Mitigate your data loss, pay only for what you use with Prepaid Bundle

All high data usage M2M Sims are offered, on 30 days rolling contract “NO USE NO PAY” Only Pay for what you use.
*Subject to minimal charge to keep sims active each month.

If you are Looking for 1 sim or 10,000 sims we are one stop shop for your M2M sim connectivity

We deal with All major mobile networks in UK- Eu and Worldwide to provide best solution with most affordable prices starting from as little as £19.99/GB for Non EU roaming

We Truly believe, to offer, our sims capabilities testing before committing for a long term business relations

We promote our customers to Try before you Buy.

Know More About Us!

  • 0 Days Rolling Commitment
  • NO long-term commitments
  • 3-6 Month bundle validity Available on request
  • Prepayment advanced option to pay what you use only

Our Starter sim package is offered to clients wanting to check our sim capabilities, Starter sim trial is limited to 1 x sim each customer with 1 x month free trial followed by monthly reoccurring cost until written cancellation for the sim is not received to our office on: admin@youreic.com. Cancellation notice for sims should be required on 30 days notice. Any Incurred usage of overage data will be charged separately. Postage charges may apply. Terms & conditions 2020-2022.Prices mentioned on website are without Vat with minimum of 10GB data allocation, sims one off Plastic charge or minimal line rentals to retain the sim alive may apply.

5G Cellular Broadband:

If you have moved to a new office/building with no immediate internet or if you require the internet for remote sites, we have a solution!

Again thinking outside the box, we can offer cellular 5G high speed bonded solution along with hardware on:

  • 30 days rolling rental agreement.
  • You can use it till you need it, No Jargon No Commitment

Office Backup BroadBand:

Imagine a day without the internet in the office? We have an office backup cellular high speed bonded internet solution. You can pay minimal to keep sim active as a monthly subscription. We will only charge you when you use the data: NO USE NO PAY.

5G Multiple Remote sites Connectivity:

We can offer cellular High speed bonded broadband solution to your remote construction/railway sites on very competitive monthly rates. You can commit for a fixed amount of data each month or you can rent on an Adhoc basis when you need it. We will only charge for internet if and when you use with NO long term commitments.


We are excited to offer a Voip telephone connection embedded with High speed 5G low latency sim card to never rely on engineer visit to get you going.We are excited to Launch our cellular voip solution with leading brands to ensure finest crispy quality for voice while talking