Broadband Router With Cellular 4G SIM for Remote Workers

The Covid-19 global pandemic has transformed the workplace, leading to wide-scale “remote working,” made possible through internet-based software solutions and online meeting programs, such as Zoom.

As employers faced the bleak choice of continuing as usual (and endangering public health), shutting down the business, or switching to remote work, roughly 45% of small and large businesses had at least some of their employees work remotely during the crisis, according to the most recent surveys.

Moreover, roughly 40% of firms reportedly believe that 40% or more of their workers that started working from home during the COVID-19 crisis would continue working remotely after the crisis ends.

A growing body of research has also explored the potential benefits of remote work to employers and employees alike, signaling how remote work might become the new normal in the years ahead. Studies have shown that remote working can improve employee productivity and satisfaction. In a recent experiment, the Chinese travel website Ctrip allowed some of its call center employees to work from home, while the rest served as a control group. The experiment found those who were allowed to work remotely were more productive and reported higher satisfaction.

Remote Work and Life Balance:

Remote working also facilitates the creation of inclusive workplaces, allowing parents – and especially women – with young children to work flexibly and balance home life with work without taking on unnecessary stress. Though there are many advantages, some challenges need to be addressed.

Unreliable Internet and Solution:

If you have worked remotely or held online work meetings during this pandemic, you will probably be familiar with the embarrassments and frustrations caused by weak, unreliable internet connections. Or perhaps, you have felt concerned about internet security and privacy while conducting your business online. Luckily, there are solutions to these problems.

Mobile Broadband ( MBB ), are portable devices that provide high-speed internet services through a mobile network. As enhancements like HSPA and EVDO added high-speed mobile internet capability in UMTS and CDMA2000 networks, USB dongles appeared on the market, allowing us to use mobile internet for our computers. Now with 4G LTE ( Long-term Evolution ) networks based on the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA technologies, you can get super high-speed internet through any mobile device.

This allows you to connect to a stable network while you’re on the go. There is no need to stress over searching and to connect to public WiFi if your internet connection isn’t working or at an airport or cafe. These devices offer the speed, security, and peace of mind you need for your business, partners, and clients. When uploading, downloading or sharing confidential and proprietary information, a fast and secure connection will make all the difference.

Euro International Communications Can Help Remote Workers?

If you’re an employer or employee searching for cost-effective and reliable remote-work options, please get in touch with our dedicated team. We at ( Euro International Communications would be happy to help you transition into the future of digital workplaces, smoothly.