Argus Pro

Reolink Argus ProThe champion of the surveillance world!
  • Night Vision
  • 1080 HD Display
  • Wire Free Installation
  • Rechargeable battery and solar powered
  • Standalone Setup
  • 1p65 weather resistant
  • Micro SD card
  • Smartphone alerts
  • Two-way audio system
  • 4G LTE enabled

Night Vision

It has 33 feet of night vision allowing you to capture even the tiniest of movements even from 33 feet apart. The advanced image sensors enable Reolink Argus Pro to capture sharp and crystal clear images no matter the time of the day. Be as protected in the night as in the day with Reolink Argus Pro. It has 130° angle camera which further helps provide miniscule details of every motion event.

1080p HD Display

The resolution of 1920×1080 is not to go unnoticed. The clear full HD videos are a proof of the top notch quality and service provided by Reolink Digital to its customers. Each and every detail can be seen and recorded with this video quality. Moreover, you can enjoy the same quality with playbacks and images.

Easy wire free installation

Since it is wire free, you can purchase and install or mount yourself on the wall or ceiling both indoors and outdoors with equal ease. The wire free specification makes it portable and easy to carry and install no matter where you are and where you want to monitor.

Rechargeable battery and Solar powered

You do not need to have a power socket near the installation area to be able to monitor your space. It comes with a rechargeable battery which can last for up to several hours once charged fully. Moreover, there is also an option of using separate solar panel for utilizing solar power. You can save money by using the solar power along with being more eco-friendly.

Standalone setup

Reolink Argus Pro eliminates the need for a base station to work. You can install the device directly by connecting it with a wireless router of 2.4 GHz.

IP65 Weather Resistant

It can resist extreme weather no matter how scorching the sun or how heavy the thunderstorms are. Its body is designed so that it can withstand any weather without compromising on the service. This feature makes it especially worth the purchase for those living in areas with harsh climatic conditions. IP65 certified weather resistant Reolink Argus Pro won´t disappoint you!

Micro SD card and Cloud

You can add up to 64 GB of additional space to your Argus Pro by adding a Micro SD card. Play those motion videos seamlessly as many times as you want without worrying about the space and storage. There is no subscription fee to replay the saved videos, you can easily watch them with your Reolink application on your smartphone.


Get alerts about every activity on your smartphone via the Reolink application. You can get push notifications, sirens, and continuous alerts. Moreover, there is also an option to record your customized voice for a customized message.

Product Availability

This wonderful security system is available in some of the areas of America, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, Southeast Asia and East Asia, and Africa.

Two-way audio system

This wonderful security system allows you not only to watch and stream live videos, but also to communicate with your loved ones. It has the feature of two way audio system which allows for both parties to communicate and talk back with each other. The built-in mic and speaker in the device comes handy. Now you do not need to worry about anything, talk it out with Reolink Argus Pro!


It does not need continuous electricity to work. You do not even need a Wi-Fi for it. 4g LTE and 3Gg connectivity will do just as fine. No matter how far away you are from your home, Reolink Argus Pro has got your surveillance needs covered. Eliminating the need of a Wi-Fi connection is a big advantage as you do not need to worry about electricity sockets and Wi-Fi connections nearby. Just use your cellular data wherever you go. With all these nice-to-have features, it is almost impossible to not go for this standalone mobile 4G LTE security system. Outdoors or indoors, under a scorching sun or a thunderstorm, Reolink Argus Pro provides 24/7 surveillance service with no compromise. It provides portable security with maximum utility for the user. There is not a single product feature which is not designed for maximizing customer satisfaction. Shop at AliExpress Video & Audio Image Sensor
Starlight CMOS Image Sensor
Video Format
Night Vision
Up to 10 m (33 ft)


High-quality speaker and microphone Video Resolution
1080p HD at 15 frames/sec
Field of View
Fixed lens, 130° diagonal
Digital Zoom
6x digital zoom PIR Detection & Alerts PIR Detecting Distance
Adjustable up to 9 m (30 ft)Audio Alert
Customized voice-recordable alertsPIR Detecting Angle
120° horizontal Other Alerts
Instant email alerts and push notifications WiFiWiFi Standard
IEEE 802.11b/g/nWiFi Security
WEP(ASCII)/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Operating Frequency
2.4GHz Power Battery
5200mAh rechargeable battery (Battery life varies based on settings, usage & temperature) DC Power
Can be powered by 5V/2A power adaptor Solar
Can be powered by Reolink Solar Panel StorageLocal Storage
Supports up to 64GB micro SD cardCloud Storage
Supports Reolink Cloud Working Environment Operating Temperature
-10° to 55° C (14° to 131° F) Weather resistance
IP65 certified weatherproof Size & Weight Size
96 x 58 x 59 mm (3.8 x 2.3 x 2.3 in) Weight (Battery included)
230 g (8.1 oz) WarrantyLimited Warranty
2-year limited warranty. For support, visit 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Free Shipping Around The World 2-Year Warranty One-on-one Online Support