Top 7 Benefits Of Cellular IoT

Many companies and consumers alike are still unaware of the benefits of cellular IoT. Though a huge percentage of businesses have already started to adopt the technology. Cellular companies, the auto industry, the manufacturing industry, and many others will eventually be using IoT connections.

But what exactly is Cellular IoT and how will it benefit companies and consumers alike? This is the question that we will attempt to answer in this piece.

What is Cellular IoT?

Cellular connections like 2G to 5G can be used on Cellular IoT as well. The difference between regular networks and cellular IoT is the SIM cards. IoT devices use an M2M SIM card instead of a regular SIM. These SIMs have many advantages and use cases when compared to regular SIMs.

7 Benefits Of Cellular IoT

So what are these benefits that we have mentioned above or to say it another way, the reasons why you should get cellular IoT. Here are the top 7 benefits:

1. No Coverage Area Restriction

The biggest advantage the cellular IoT has is that it uses existing networks. That means they already have the base – the network is spread all around the world. The devices that contain IoT devices can work in different cities and countries. This makes it easier for end-users to be connected at all times.

2. Roaming Or Network Switch

The most annoying thing about regular SIM connections is that you can only use one network. Cellular IoT devices can connect to the strongest network available without any restrictions. This makes them the real constant connectivity provider for all.

3. Freedom Of Choice

There are cellular network users that require constant connectivity for various reasons like, data collection, tracking, etc. Others require larger data packages for live video streaming, and someone else that requires more talk time. With cellular IoT, you can select the package that benefits you, unlike regular networks where you have to deal with whatever is available.

4. Remote Management

Imagine a simple platform that you can use to manage all your IoT devices, that is a possibility with cellular IoT. You can solve problems with devices remotely, offer updates, monitor progress, collect data, and take other actions to ensure the seamless connectivity of each device.

5. Better Security

Cellular IoT devices handle sensitive information, therefore, they require improved security. They utilize VPNs, and other protocols to keep the information on the devices secure from any and all unauthorized access.

6. Reliability

We have all been in situations where our phones just lose the signal bars and we have to move around and hope to get the signal so we can complete an important task. That isn’t a problem with cellular IoT. If there is any functioning cell tower nearby, your IoT device will connect to it, regardless of which network it is on, and you can remain online.

7. Lower Costs

The costs of cellular networks have decreased by a considerable margin in the past decade. Now imagine cellular IoT, where the device only utilizes a certain type of service or amount of data, you can customize your package and pay for data that you actually use.

Selecting The Right SIM Company

It is easy to see with the benefits mentioned above, cellular IoT is the future. It is imminent and we are already surrounded by devices that are utilizing this technology. It is only a matter of time when today’s regular cellular networks are a thing of the past.

It is of the utmost importance to choose a company like Euro International Communication that deals in all types of M2M data packages for all types of industry. We can work with you and deliver you a package that can meet your needs.