We Provide 5G VEHICLE DATA Connection

In the digital age, secure communication has become possible through 5G SIM solutions, social media, and Wi-Fi. Our offering extends to the improvement of cars and trucks, ensuring a high-quality Internet connection for the enjoyment of motorists.

Partnering with our OEM manufacturers allows us to provide a technical design that is impact-resistant, crash resistant and tough in the worst conditions. With the direct control of the ACC motor, it can be trusted under low voltages and rough terrain. A new port facilitates integration with CCTV Bus recording, enhancing security and monitoring. Discover a world of interactive travel with us.

5G Sim solution connectivity


We are aware that many transport companies offer free Wi-Fi to bus passengers to increase efficiency. Our system enables targeted delivery of Wi-Fi users, operators to send targeted advertising to specific users using location-based service (LBS), user profiles and browsing behavior. This allows you to earn money through sponsorship. Use our solution to increase revenue and increase passenger travel.

5G VEHICLE DATA SIm Easily Deploy, Easily Running

You can use your WiFi router even if it is on. Easily supports remote device setup, software upgrades, platform content updates, and user-friendly visual operations. Enjoy hassle-free management and enhanced functionality with an advanced feature set.

F3938 WIFI & Advertising Router

  • Supports 2.4G and 5G WIFI
  • Specifically designed for vehicle applications
  • Reliable 3G/4G connectivity
  • Professional vehicle power supply design with multiple protective measures
  • Ample storage capacity with large SSD or TF storage
  • Ability to push targeted advertisements to WIFI users
  • Automatic user data acquisition for valuable insights
  • Easy firmware and content updates from the cloud platform or U disk
  • Optional dual SIM cards and GPS functionality
  • Cloud platform for centralized remote management