5G CCTV Unlimited Data Sim-UK


  • 5G  unlimited data for CCTV recording
  • 12 & 24 months Contract
    Unlimited  5G data CCTV surveillance for construction sites
  • Unarmed sites acting as virtual security guard
  • Security control room CCTV streaming
  • Security sites CCTV monitoring
  • Failover for conventional broadband
  • 5G surveillance Camera video recording
    £22.00/-excl vat


Unlimited streaming data SIM with no longer contractual commitment is a plan offering unrestricted data usage specifically for surveillance streaming purposes, such as video surveillance and Video streaming, without requiring a long-term contract.

  1. Unlimited surveillance streaming SIM card provides No cap, data specifically for surveillance, CCTV, streaming, Unlimited data in UK.
  2. Ideal for Streaming, gaming, content or use as cellular 5G, broadband without worrying about data caps or additional charges.
  3. This surveillance CCTV sim provides flexibility to use the service with peace of mind for Unlimited data allowance.
  4. The unlimited data sim card is compatible with popular surveillance CCTV, streaming platforms and CCTV surveillance devices.
  5. This includes compatibility with major video surveillance streaming services, audio streaming platforms and  smart TVs, and surveillance streaming devices.
  6. Unlimited data sim card provides fast network speeds ensure smooth surveillance CCTV recording & streaming experiences without buffering or interruptions.
  7. The unlimited sim card is designed for capability to handle high-definition (HD) or even 4K streaming, depending on the network’s capabilities.
  8. Unlimited data sim provides competitive pricing that reflects the value of unlimited streaming data without a contractual commitment.