M2M Data SIMs

Revolutionizing Connectivity: Unleashing the Power of M2M Data SIMs:

M2M Data SIMs are a game-changer in the world of connectivity, enabling seamless data transmission and analysis for a wide range of industries. These SIMs provide high-speed, reliable, and secure connections, specifically designed to meet the needs of machine-to-machine communication.

With M2M Data SIMs, businesses can collect and transmit vast amounts of data generated by connected devices in real-time. This data serves as a valuable resource for organizations to gain insights, optimize operations, and make data-driven decisions. Whether it’s in manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, or smart cities, M2M Data SIMs enable businesses to unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT.

Enhance Your Connectivity with fixed IP sim

Are you tired of dealing with dynamic IP addresses and unreliable connections? It’s time to elevate your connectivity with Fixed IP SIMs. Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated IP address, improved security, and seamless remote access. Experience enhanced connectivity like never before..Fixed IP SIMs revolutionize connectivity by providing a dedicated IP address for seamless communication. With a fixed IP, you gain enhanced accessibility, security, and control over your network. Whether you require remote access, real-time monitoring, or secure data transmission, fixed IP SIMs offer a reliable solution for businesses and individuals alike.By integrating fixed IP SIMs into your infrastructure, you can establish a stable and secure connection that enables uninterrupted access to your devices and services. This translates into improved productivity, streamlined operations, and enhanced customer experiences.

Exploring the Efficiency of m2m sims for Seamless Machine-to-Machine Communication:

M2M SIMs facilitate seamless communication between machines, unlocking new possibilities in various industries. With M2M SIMs, devices can exchange data, share information, and collaborate autonomously, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.Whether it’s fleet management, smart cities, industrial automation, or healthcare, M2M SIMs enable real-time monitoring, data collection, and automated decision-making. This empowers businesses to optimize processes, reduce costs, and deliver superior services to their customers.Leverage the power of M2M Data SIMs to streamline data transmission and analysis. Embrace real-time data insights, drive data-backed decision-making, and gain a competitive edge. Maximize the value of your connected devices and harness the potential of the Internet of Things.

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Smart Port Connectivity

Smart Port connectivity enables real time visibility and optimization of all areas of operations within ports and terminals.

busines mob

Business Mobile Contract

We are proud to have established strong key relationships partnerships with some of the UK’s biggest networks.



Youreic Provide M2M SIMs Which connect IoT applications to cellular networks, where they can use an interchangeable protocol 


Hosted Solutions

 Our packages are applied to each extension on your Hosted System, giving you result of  new level of efficiency.


5G Unlimited Fixed IP

We are  Available on all four networks, including EE, these SIMs are perfect for businesses who require high levels of data use for their  Internet connection.

Autonomous car sensor system concept for safety of driverless mode car control . Future adaptive cruise control sensing nearby vehicle and pedestrian . Smart transportation technology .

5G Transport & Logistics IP

Youreic Aims To Provide Smart Traffic Solutions and comitted to make future automation.



We are proud to offer full Red care monitored fire Risk automation with LoRawan smoke detector for Public and welfare Buildings.


EnterPrize Voice & Data

Ensure that both company-owned and personal devices are managed and secured properly, so employees can focus on their work.




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We have the technology and expertise to deliver a bespoke solution for your IoT, M2M, & LoRawan connectivity needs. Let us know your requirements and we’ll take care of the rest
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We started our Journey in 2006 as a B2B Mobile voice & data communications reseller on behalf of leading mobile networks. Since then, we have grown and expanded ourselves in IoT, M2M data connectivity, end-to-end LoRawan connectivity solution for smart buildings Fire Risk automation, Wifi Entertainment, Data Bonded Solution on fixed IP, Epos back up via Fixed IP, Dynamic IP for broadcasting, filming, outdoor media coverage and IoT data sims with global coverage on fixed monthly price. Click Here to Read More





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