We are innovative Mobile Voice and Data and VoIP communications solution company, offering a competitive and flexible solution based propositions to the B2B market.
From simple B2B monthly mobile offerings to Internet Access through to complex Wide Area Networks, we are capable of delivering real business benefit and value.
As a reseller and whole seller on behalf of Major and Global mobile network, we can provide best efficient and most competitive solution in mobile and data communications.
We have a bespoke and also box standard, off the shelf solution to meet all vertices of business.
Delivering Managed Services and industry-leading Failover capabilities between operators and technologies are also a speciality.
Rental options are also available for instant office solutions.

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Products & Services

As a B2B communication provider since 2006, EIC started as reseller on behalf of leading Mobile networks Nationwide ie: EE, O2, and Vodafone. Since the technology has improved 4 folds hence we are in aligning with connectivity technology, by offering Fixed IP sims solutions, B2B mobile monthly tariffs, IOT smart solution, M2M sims with advanced technology to aggregated internet solutions to offer most effective solution to our customers.

Euro International Communications has extended its business with mobile operator to now offer Fixed IP SIMs for 3G & 4G data. We can provide both Public & private SIMs for any remote or mobile connectivity in the UK

Whether you refer to it as M2M (Machine2Machine), the Internet of Things (IoT) or Pervasive Internet, the truth is the ease, speed and security of the latest generation mobile data technology and next generation narrow band communication infrastructures are opening up huge opportunities for innovative businesses.  Premier Mobile Solutions GB ltd t/a Euro International communications are proud to be a prominent supplier of both Mobile data and also Sensors / End to end IoT Management platforms and our network transports many TeraBytes of 3G and 4G data every month from thousands of active SIM cards.

We work with a number of global partners to deliver advanced Internet of Things solutions including LPWAN (Low Powered WAN), Satellite, Sensors and analytics Nationwide and also globally with World Global roaming Iot sim cards.

Onshore – near shore 3G/4G network
Best ever shipping product for Shipping industry – (nearshore solution) – to use 3G/4G from a nearshore source rather than Satellite communication when within a certain radius of the shore, shipping harbour with voice component – via VoIP solution to mitigate the costs even further as compared to Satellite minutes. With our best ever voice and data communications for shipping industry with a fully managed rapid deployment internet service, combines multiple wireless or wired internet services from different carriers into a single high-performance virtual ‘pipe’. Delivering Quality of Service, ultrafast data throughput and automatic resiliency with the same static IP address, optimises access to the internet and cloud-based applications for company sites in Construction, Automotive, Distribution and other verticals. Highly portable and ruggedized and easy to install.

Premier Mobile Solutions t/a Euro International Communications has also developed quick rapid internet/wireless solution for Shipping Ports and Harbours deployments with latest connectivity technology we have ability along with our technological partner to create smart city shipping ports and harbours with free wifi solution just like Airport and on board aircraft internet solution.

Premier Mobile Solutions t/a Euro International communications have a perfect internet broadband solution with rapid deployment to create rail/train station with free wifi facility as well as onboard high-speed trains to be equipped with fastest dual network 4G data for their customers.

Premier Mobile Solutions t/a Euro International communications are Specialists in analysing the data usage for safety camera and to suggest the best possible prices with a combination of backup multi-network data solution to avoid any down time at any time. Ideally used by local councils, highway agencies and public sector security and safety division.

Premier Mobile Solutions t/a Euro International communications can provide data solution telematics solution for Automotive and construction industry ie: diggers, excavators, JCB, Caterpillar, built in electronics digging parameters, in- car data solution introduced by Major Automotive brands ie: Land rovers, Porsche, Cadillac for remote calibration and diagnostics.

IOT sims are widely used for remote monitoring for Cancer and Parkinson Patients monitoring their activity remotely as well as IOT sims can be used for remote ambulances and remote doctors surgery for upload Patients symptoms to main general hospital by a local nurse in remote area for electronic prescriptions and specialist consultation.


We are proud to partner with leading Mobile Network operators in UK and Globally to provide best possible B2B and M2M, IOT bespoke solution to our customers all across the globe.
From a simple B2B mobile monthly contract as a reseller to most complex IOT, M2M solution on the commercial and industrial scale. One of our bespoke solutions is switch over from shipping sector from satellite to 3G/4G switch over where possible globally with Global sim and IMSI sims to provide best possible and most competitive solution to shipping industry as part of our accomplishment in communication connectivity.
We may be not the biggest in the market, however, our passion for driving and exploring new connectivity technologies has given us a recognition of our product in Passenger cruise, Vessels, and ships across the globe. We have an eye to details unlike a box standard solution, our customer can discuss their project in confidence and we can provide the best possible solution as per their wish list.
As a part of the solution, we service our clients with fixed IP sims back for epos failover, fixed IP sims solution for Safety camera, shipping ports, Oil and Gas exploration and off course Fixed IP sim solutions and IOT(internet of things) sims solutions are widely used in smart utility meters deployment nationwide.
With help of our partner’s experience in data technology connectivity, we can provide solutions for Smart cities based on M2M and Lorawan.
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